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1st Battalion 69th Armor: Black Panther Vitesse Et Puissance Dedicated To Everyone Who Served In The 1st Bn 69th Armor Welcome Home! Contains hundreds of pictures!! A German language site that includes some great photos, many of which I have never seen before. (The shots of the 501st Tiger Abteilung will have you drooling). Make this one a must if you are a DAK fan. - Eine militärhistorische Studie über den Afrika-Feldzug von 1940-1943
American Civil War - The American Civil War was the only war fought on American soil by Americans, 3 million fought - 600,000 died. It was the greatest war in American history. For that reason we have always been fascinated with The Civil War.
The American Civil War Home Page: The complete Civil War site. No more running from site to site. On line help available.
And Then A.P. Hill Came Up - General Ambrose Powell Hill, CSA: Comprehensive site about Ambrose Powell Hill. A.P. Hill was known as Robert E. Lee's most fighting general.
Anzio 1944: This brochure was prepared in the U.S. Army Center of Military History by Clayton D. Laurie. I hope this absorbing account of that period will enhance your appreciation of American achievements during World War II. World War II sites in Norway
Australia is at war:Australian forces were extensively involved in World War 2. To assist our visitors in gaining an appreciation of Australia’s involvement in this conflict we have provided the following: Overview and chronology of the conflict, The Aussie home front and the Battle for Austalia. This site has a good set of links about the Australia Armed Forces as orgininal ANZACS and in Confilts Post - 1945.
Auto Hobby Page: Over 26,000 Car Pics - Specs - Events - Forum - HotRods - Classics
Axis Biographical Research: Apolitical military history website, presenting biographical data on persons of the Third Reich & Axis forces.
Axis History Factbook:This is an incredibly in depth site on Germany, Italy and its allies in World War II. Truly an important site to visit.
The Battle of Kursk: The Battle of Kursk took place in July 1943. Kursk was to be the biggest tank battle of World War Two and the battle resulted in a severe crisis for Nazi Germany’s war machine in Russia.
The Battle of Midway June 3 - June 6, 1942: Assembled by a historical buff of the early World War II Pacific campaign. The most extensive information seems to be focus on this battle, the turning point of the war.
The Battles of the Winter War: Information of the Soviet invasion of Finland 1939 - 1940
Behind the Stonewall: Welcome to my unique exhibit of modern day images from battlefields of the American Civil War. Over 2500 individual snapshots were stitched together using Live Pictures Photovista to bring these 105 spinning 360 degree panoramic images here for your viewing pleasure.
Bharat Rakshak: The Consortium of Indian Military Websites
Bunker Pictures: Pictures, locations, information about bunkers from WW2, The Atlantikwall and the Cold War covers bunkers built by the Germans during 1933-1945 in the whole of Europe. There's extra attention for armoured parts and optics used in bunkers.
The Campaign For Guadalcanal: The land, air, and naval battles for Guadalcanal in 1942. is a comprehensive source regarding the organization, vehicles, weapons, uniforms, traditions, and insignia of Canadian soldiers in the 20th Century. Over 6,700 images on 1,000+ pages dealing with history, equipment, literature and more are presented here for students of history, re-enactors, modellers, gamers, serious researchers and anyone interested in the Canadian Army between 1900 and 2000.
The Center of Military History: The Center of Military History (CMH) is responsible for the appropriate use of history throughout the U.S. Army. Traditionally, this mission meant that the Center recorded the official history of the Army in both peace and war, while advising the Army Staff on relevant historical matters.
Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park (National Park Service): Between 1890 and 1899 the Congress of the United States authorized the establishment of the first four national military parks: Chickamauga and Chattanooga, Shiloh, Gettysburg, and Vicksburg. The first and largest of these, and the one upon which the establishment and development of most other national military and historical parks was based, was Chickamauga and Chattanooga. It owes its existence largely to the efforts of General H.V. Boynton and Ferdinand Van Derveer, both veterans of the Army of the Cumberland, who saw the need for a national park to preserve and commemorate these battlefields during a visit to the area in 1888.
Civil War Assembled here is a collection of over 2,000 pages including 6,200+ modern photos and panoramas of Civil War sites. The photos and narrative were provided by the Webmaster as well as over 50 contributors between 1990 and January 2006. Included are numerous wartime photos, as well as several official records, reports and maps. Because of the rapid growth and extensive content of the site is best viewed with a broadband connection.
The Civil War Archive Files Index: Just ton of Civil War information here.
Collection of German W.W.II. Radios: If it's radios you want info on then this THE site for it. Very informative!
Color Pictures of World War II: Over 2000 color pictures of World War II all Royalty Free.
D Day: Comprehensive D-Day web site containing several pages of information.
D-Day: The route we will be taking on this web site is from Cherbourg in the west to Merville-Franceville in the east, this will include Ste. Mere Eglise. Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, La Pointe Du Hoc, Caen, Longues-Sur-Mer, Arromanches, Bayeux, Gold Beach, Juno Beach, Sword Beach, Ouistreham, and Benouville (Pegasus Bridge).
D-Day-Overlord:  More than 60 years after the events of the Summer 1944, the web site allows you to discover one of the most important military operation of all the Second World War : the Normandy landing and the Battle of Normandy.
Defending Arnhem: Defending Arnhem. The Battle of Arnhem from the German Point-of-View - Sept 1944.
DefenseLink Photos: Department of Defense pages, high resolution military photos for download - some images are > 500K.
Der Erste Zug: Der Erste Zug Living History Organization is dedicated to portraying the common German landser of WWII as accurately as research and materials will allow as well as to better educate ourselves and the public at large about this part of history that is often overlooked or misinterpreted.
The Doughboy Center: The Story of the American Expeditionary Forces
The Drop Zone Virtual Musuem: Paratroopers and Glidermen were the US Army's elite infantry units. America's airborne forces spearheaded the war's most pivotal campaigns and were brought in to hold the battle line at all costs. The Drop Zone Virtual Museum is dedicated to preserving "human history" by examining the oral histories, testimonies, and artifacts of the participants. These are their stories... (ArmsWorld) provides information on modern military armament and equipment: aircraft, tanks, firearms, helicopters, armored personnel carriers, artillery, missiles, submarines and much more. Includes descriptions with tactical-technical characteristics and a great number of photos. Welcome to the premier website on the German Armed Forces from 1919 to 1945. We focus on the history of the German military during the most tumultuous period in recent history. Our focus is on operational histories with an emphasis on service during the inter-war period and the Second World War especially.
Festung Saint-Malo Archives:  Photos and infos about Atlantic wall and bunkers from this area
First World A multimedia history of World War One
France, 1940: Extensive information related to French military involvement in WWII (1940)
Frontline: The Gulf War: Complete reference site for the Gulf War The Online Guide to World War II German Helmets
German Propaganda Archive: A collection of translations of German propaganda material from the Nazi and East German eras, as well as a large number of images of posters and other visual material.
German U-Boats and Battle of the Atlantic: German U-boat history, photo gallery, U-boat types, technical specification and indepth history of the Battle of the Atlantic. Also features historical battles, tactics, and much more related to the U-boat war. Lots of information related to Gattysburg
Gettysburg National Military Park: The Battle of Gettysburg was a critical turning point in the American Civil War, a conflict that determined the fate of the United States. The site where these two great armies clashed was first preserved by a small group of patriotic citizens and later by the country as a whole. Since 1933, the National Park Service has cared for Gettysburg National Military Park as a symbol of America's struggle to survive as a nation, and as a lasting memorial to the armies and soldiers who served in that great conflict.
Gothic Line - Linea Gotica: The Campaign in Italy is often overlooked in favour of the ETO, no less important and no less worthy of documenting. The "soft underbelly" of Europe this wasn't. The war in Italy can be summed up as attrition, all the way. We recommend this site as a good place to read up about the actions of both sides in this costly campaign.
Great German Generals Home Page:  This site is about Great German Generals.
GreatWar - Western Front battlefield guide: This website aims to provide an overview of battlefields on The Western Front and the sites of educational interest for the visitor today.
Grunt's Military Site - Your Online Resource for Military Info: Grunt's Military Site was designed as an aid for people researching the various branches of the United States' armed forces. Grunt is always being updated with new and useful military-related information. Visitors can find more than 130 military images in various categories, and over 80 links to other military related sites.
Guns A Go-Go: Complete history and first ever Art Series on the unit they called Guns-A-Go-Go - Panzerwracks und Militärschrott: If post war AFV wrecks are your thing then this is the site to see. The galleries are full of post war and gulf war armour. Taken from ranges in Germany.
History Animated: brings you interactive Flash animations of key historical battles. Our animations cover entire wars, entire campaigns within wars, and individual battles. We strive for absolute historical accuracy in our animations of these battles.
History of War Online:  Military history. World War 2, world war 1, vietnam war, Civil war, revolutionary war, Zulu War
HyperWar: World War II on the World Wide Web: I envision the end result of this project (I should live so long!) to be a collection of material related to the, primarily military, history of the Second World War, completely cross-referenced via hypertext links and enhanced, where appropriate, by various multi-media computer technologies, such as sound, movies, Java applets, etc. I aim to include HTML anchors for page numbers, sections, and various other points, in order to facilitate links to this material from external sites -- please feel free to link in!
Imperial War Museum Collections Online Database: Welcome to Collections Online which offers access to material covering all aspects of twentieth century conflict. The site now includes detailed catalogue information for over 160,000 items from the Imperial War Museum's collecting departments
Iraqi Images from the 200th: A collection of pictures from Operation Iraqi Freedom taken by the men and women of the National Guards 200th Engineering Group
Jaeger Platoon: Finnish Army 1918 - 1945 Website. Weaponry and Organisation.
John's Military History Page: Extensive website with miscellaneous, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Korean War, and British virtual battlefield tours and sections on armored fighting vehicles and the Seven Years War
Juno Beach - The Canadians On D-Day: Juno Beach: On D-Day, June 6, 1944, the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division landed on Juno Beach. After a day of bitter fighting the Canadians secured a critical bridgehead for the allied invasion of Europe. The victory was a turning point in World War II and led to the liberation of Europe and the defeat of Nazi Germany.
Kreta - The Invasion of Crete: OPERATION MERKUR The German Invasion of Crete
Lingevres 1944: The distance from Gold Beach to the Normandy town of Lingevres is only 5 or 6 miles. The 50th Division landed on Gold Beach on June 6, 1944 and there were hard-fought battles won by the Army to take Lingevres on June 14. It is a miniscule part of World War II, but it was crucial to the Allied victory.
Lone Sentry: Photographs, Documents, and Research on World War II
LRDG - Long Range Desert Group Preservation Society: Mission Statement of the LRDG Preservation Society: To learn as much as possible about the unit, the men in it and the equipment and tactics they used. Then to share that information with all whom wish to learn.
Lst Photo Archive: Hundreds of LST photos
The M1 Garand: one of the internet's premier M1-Garand and World War II resource sites.
M-1 This website is dedicated to the fixed bale M-1 helmet of the WW2 US GI.
Malcolm's Civil War Battlefield Photos: My personal collection of civil war battlefield photos Weapons, aircraft, ships, submarine, special forces,tanks,WW2
Military Factory - Military Weapons: Reference covering military aircraft, tanks, guns, munitions and ships with descriptions, specifications and images.
Military History of Denmark: Welcome to the Military History of Denmark site. It's aim is to tell you some interesting stories and show some pictures from the Danish history. You will also find information on museums and other interesting places.
Military History Online  On a March through The Past: A webzine of Community Submitted Articles. From the Greek-Persian Wars through to Operation Iraqi Freedom - Military History Online is a definitive collection of articles covering all aspects of Military history. The Worlds Online Military Image, photos and Discussion Community
Military Maps of WWII: Maps related to WWII spannin g 1938 - 1945
Military photos . net: An excellent picture reference for figure painting, showing most actual world scenes of military conflict. Loads of pics on US in Iraq and Afghanistan, but other modern armies as well.
Miscellaneous Axis Military Formations of WWII: Very informative site dealing with a vast array of WWII subjects including Cossacks in the service of the German Army, Ukranian volunteer units and also the history of several smaller powers involved in WWII- well worth a visit.
MustangsMustangs:  The P-51 Mustang and the Ford Mustang: The Car that changed the way we drive and the plane that changed the course of a war.
Normandy Allies: Normandy Allies is a non-profit organization created to perpetuate the memory of the sacrifices and contributions made by American military forces together with the people of Normandy as they strove to liberate this historic region of France from the Nazis in 1944 during World War II.
Normandy: 1944: Encyclopedia Britannica presents the Normandy: 1944 reference page.
Norway 1940: Invasion of Norway in April 1940. Politics, battles, organization, weapons and much more.
Norway during WW2: Covers all aspects of Operation Weserubung & life in wartime Norway.
Old Front Line: This is a web site dedicated to the history and battlefields of the Great War 1914-1918. It aims to provide you with information about the war itself and on how to visit the battlefields in France and Flanders - and what to see. Studies of armed conflict and the technology of war providing direction for further research and analysis for professionals and students.
Panzernet: reference site for german WWII vehicles
Photo atlas of weathering forms on stone monuments: I have noticed a general confusion among modellers when it comes to stone or brickwork weathering. In most cases there is obviously an attempt to copy the weathering patterns from photos. The problem is that these patterns are very specific and depend on many variables concerning primarily the material and environment. So you will find distinct features in a tobruc pit and in a brick masonry of northern france. I found this photo atlas of weathering patterns for stone. It is very limited but it might give you some ideas for realistic weathering of buildings and natural features
Photo Gallery of WW2: The site is in Swedish ...but lots of photos speak for theirselves and it's easy to navigate.
Photos of the Great War: Online photographs of World War I.
Prime Portal: The Modelers Reference Site with over 27,000 photos for aircraft, armor, and real space modelers
Resource listing for WWII: World War II Resources: Primary source materials on the Web. Original documents regarding all aspects of the war
Romanian Army in the Second World War: An interesting site on this little-known subject.
The Russian Campaign 1941-1945: The Russian Campaign 1941-1945: A photo diary by Otto Willnauer 3rd Company, 7th PanzerJaeger Battalion (Later 1007 Sturmgeschutz Abteilung) 7th Bavarian Infantry Division (Munich)
The Second World War Experience Centre:  World War Two ww2 world war 2 personal experiences and memories in the second world war in whatever capacity; world war two experiences on the Home Front and on active service, World War 2 Memories of War WW2 WWII, Lancaster Bomber
Sgt.William Heller's World War II Memoirs-3rd Infantry Division: Sharing the pictorial history of World War II in Europe, is the main objective of this website.
Signals Collection '40-'45: Home of allied army, navy & airforce radio & radar equipment of WWII
69th Armor Association Web Site: Viet Nam Tankers gather to tell their stories.
Stalingrad battlefield information: pictures taken at stalingrad battlefield today,objects like relics and foxholes,also pictures from Pitomnik and the rivers Don and Volga,Paulus headquarter at Univermag
Taki's Imperial Japanese Army Page: This Home Page is dedicated to Imperial Japanese Army. The descriptions and data of this page are all based on Japanese sources, and they are translated into English directly. So, you will find a lot of informations which have not ever been published in the West.
Tarawa on the Web: The Assault of the Second Marine Division on Betio Island, Tarawa Atoll, 20-23 November, 1943.
Third Reich Color Pictures: hundreds of color photos related to the Third Reich
Third Reich in Ruins: Another site based on original WW2 photos taken by a GI. This site has adopted the "then & now" style of photo montage. Includes pictures of Jagdtigers. A must see site.
Trigger Time - 101st Airborne WW2: is noted author Mark Bando's salute to the 101st Airborne Division. If you are a fan of "Band of Brothers," you'll be a fan of this site!
An Unfortunate Region: This excellent WW I site has trench and battlefield photos, including aerial ones, of the Western Front, Gallipoli, and the Italian Front.
The United States Navy in the Pacific War 1941 -- 1945: This site tries to deal with "the other side" -- to be a complement to Jon Parshall's tremendous, huge, brilliant, amazing, lovely, adjective-draining IJN site, so to speak -- and to enlight you to the U.S. Navy's contribution to the overall victory that ended World War 
U.S Army Civil War Uniform Generalizations: Generalizations regarding the U. S. Army Uniform of the Civil War 
The Vickers Machine Gun: Dedicated information pages on the Vickers Machine Gun, in various forms. Includes international information and photographic record of the guns and accessories.
Walkarounds on Dozens of walk-arounds for various aircraft, cars, artillery, armor - hundreds of detail photos!!
War Albums: In here you will find pages containing war photos from my families archives. In particular I am very proud to present the photo albums of my mothers uncle Otto Willnauer and my uncle Karl Knoll.
Wartime images: featuring technical cutaway drawings of submarines, ships, aircraft and arms PLUS contemporary photos of and on mostly "S" Class Royal Naval Submarines
Weltkrieg: A German site with detailed information about the actions of the German army during the war with pictures that illustrate the locations and timeperiod. is an entity focused on the awards, decorations and militaria of the German Armed Forces during the Third Reich era.
What tomorrow may bring: Memoirs of a photo officer in Vietnam
The Wireless Set No. 19: A site for collectors and users of The Wireless Set No. 19, a "tank" transceiver used during WWII by the Allies, including Canada, USA, Britain and Australia, to name a few. Now restored and used by amateur radio operators. The site is presented by VE3BDB and VA
Witness to War:  Preserving the Stories of War Veterans | World War Two History, Stories, and Photos
The World at War, history of WW 1939-1945: The objective of our site is to provide you with a vast catalogue of interesting resources including WW II links throught the WWW, you may search the whole site using keywords or names, use these resources to recreate the atmosphere of the time 1939-1945. Once you become acquainted with the features, you will be navigating the WW II Web more quickly and easily.
World War I - Trenches on the Web: These pages contain information on the people, places, and events that comprised one of the worst calamities of modern history. Entire kingdoms were to vanish in the clash. The map makers of the world would be busy indeed!
World War II Armed Forces - Orders of Battle: World War II Armed Forces - Orders of Battle and Organizations
World War II Day By Day: This site should be a source of information to everyone interested in military operations 1939-1945.The site is apolitical and not related to any right wing party or organization. It gives information about daily operations of all parts of the German Wehrmacht, uniforms, ranks, unit emblems, Orders of battle, Gliederungen and much more.
World War II information source: World War II resource including definitions, pictures, timeline and participants
World War 2 Insightful Essays: Insightful essays on World War 2 topics
World War II  in Ukraine: This article is intended to provide some of the basic information about the Ukrainian experience in World War II. Ukraine's role in the war is basically unknown in the world.
World War II Plus 55: Day to day history of World War II around the globe and featuring the Battleship Washington and the men who sailed on her.
World War II Study: This page is written with the theme of decisiveness. Throughout this study of the North African Campaign I shall focus on those people, battles and technologically decisive factors that influenced the outcome of famous Desert War. I shall try to dispel those myths about the Desert War that I feel are at best misleading and at worst entirely untrue.
World War II Vehicles: World War II Vehicles and Advanced Squad Leader tables  Pictures from World War 2. Pictures, Photographs and Posters from World War II of uniforms, maps, soldiers, medals and more.
WW2 DrawingsWWII military material drawings / Dessins de matériel militaire de la 2e GM
WWII Technical Database - A website dedicated to WWII technical details, driven by a tremendous database of reliable technical information, and viewable through useful browsing tools.
World War 2 Pictures in Color: Comprehensive collection of rare color photographs and images from World War II.
World War 2 Timeline: This website is a complete World War 2 Timeline and covers every event, day by day from 1939 through to 1945.
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