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Abram's Hobbies: Here you'll find pics of my models, links to sites I enjoy, and a model Discussion Forum!
Advanced Starship Design Bureau: This page offers a huge library of Acrobat (.pdf) files with many full colour 3D images of Star Trek subjects.
Altar of Plastic Figures and Diaromas: The word Altar means an elevated place or a raised structure on which gifts or sacrifices to a god are made. The idea behind AltarModeling and this web site is to reflect this purpose, in a way to build and create works worthy of sharing with other enthusiastic modelers & friends and to provide a forum for getting valuable feedbacks from modelers scattered around the world. In this web site AltarModeling will share the models and dioramas built & created between 1986 and 2005. Hope you enjoy a tour among our models & dioramas from Second World War to Tolkien's fantastic universe and from Arctic Eskimo life to ancient warriors.
Anatomy Reference at A good human anatomy reference for figure sculptors
Animemodels: Alberts modelling site, anime, historical figures, garagekits , aircraft
Artwho9: painted wargames figures,wargame miniatures
Bill's Kitchen: Nice site with original fantasy figure sculpts
Blaze's Corner of the Web: This site is dedicated to Historical Wargaming.
Marco Campomagnani Miniatures Home Page: 54mm figures of Marco Campomagnani
Chest of Colors: Miniature painting fan's place to be. Use our respected miniature painting service or learn how to paint miniatures from tutorials on painting miniatures, gallery of painted miniatures and forum for miniature painters.
Chill's Land of eternal Wierdness: Featuring the gundam models of David Roche.
Chris' Dungeon Of Models: Welcome to my Garage Kit Homepage.
Giuseppe Cico home page: Home page of Photos of figure modeler Giuseppe Cico featuring his buildups and some info about his modelling activity
The Clubhouse: The Clubhouse Online Modeling Community, a group of hobbyists, from around the world, brought together by modeling, sculpting, dioramas & related subjects. Figures, monsters, superheros, science fiction, vehicles, & more. If you can glue it, and paint it, Novice to Pro, this is the place to learn & discuss.
CultTVman's SF Modeling Page!: Source for information on Science Fiction/Star Trek/Star Wars modeling! I want to provide information for modelers to build detailed accurate kits. You will find painting schemes, detail kits, modifiying tips, electronic and lighting information to make those kits much more than what comes in the box.
Cody's Coop: Modeling, Garage Kits, Anime & Mecha by Cody Kwok
Ex Astris Scientia: Bernd Schneider's Star Trek Site
Eagle Transporter - Space 1999 Eagle Transporter Models and Replicas: Welcome to - the web's premier visual reference resource for Space 1999 Eagle Transporter models and replicas
8th Collectible: The 8th Collectible shows you the work of sculpture Jim Verbeeck. His passion for fantasy and movie subjects is the base for his sculptures, but with a personal touch.
Elvenwork Tips and Techniques: Detailed tips to guide you at every step of the way; from what types of clay are best to the exact preportions of the human body. If you're keen of figure modeling, check this out!
Erick's Models: Star Trek and Star Wars model gallery of all kinds of ships.
Ex Astris Scientia: Amazing diagrams, photos, and art work of Star Trek ships and design. This is a great reference site for modeling Star Trek subjects.
Feyman Shipyard: Star Trek showcase of scratch built models.
GDC Dreams: Guillermo Centeno, argentinean sculptor and modeler
Ginfritter's Gnomish Realms: Steve Strnad's fantasy figure site.
Glues Brothers: Great gallery of Scifi models. Star Wars, Star Trek and more.
Gore Gore Gore: Martin Canale's awesome works
Greg's Sci-Fi Model Gallery: Welcome to my Model Page! My name is Greg Martinez I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I've put together some pictures of sci-fi models from various tv shows and films. Most of the model photos where sent to me by fellow modelers from around the world.
Grenadier Reviews: A place where figure modellers can get reviews of figures from a wide range of Manufacturers and submit reviews themselves.
Gundam Model: Yuji "JAM " Konno's Gundam Model is the epitomize of how Gunpla site should be! Both his model gallery and CG are stunning. Not to mention the pictures of models and illustrations submited in the contest section. JAMsan's works have also appeared in HJ number of times
Here Be Monsters: The amazing figure models of John Allred
Historical Figures: includes excellent in progress shots of each project, giving an excellent impression of the kit itself. He has a large variety of subjects and time periods covered, and this is a great site to browse through.
Hot Lead: This is intended to be a pretty thorough look at both basic and advanced painting techniques
Igor Miniaturas: Blog of Igor Moreno. Hand painted military figures, vignettes and dioramas. There, you can find examples of his work. You can visit his gallery, some of which is for sale. Do not hesitate to ask further information. He will also paint for collectors.
Jim's Grand Adventure: Scratch built sci fi models for fun and gaming.
Junkyard: Sci-fi models, kitbash, scratch building, dioramas and original designs by juliano Redigolo
Larry's Garage Kit Asylum: Built figure kit gallery.
Les maquettes S.F. en folie: Photo gallery of Sci-Fi models and figures from divers movies and ww1 flyer and others
Ma.K. ZbV3000: Shane Mace's Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000 page
Manfred's Miniature Site: A gallery featuring historical figures. Site is bilingual german/english.Other models(ww1 aircraft)are to be added in time.  
MB-Miniatures: Home page of Marion Ebensperger, and Alan Ball. There is an excellent gallery of their work, some of which is for sale. They will also custom build, or paint work for the collector. This is a dynamite combination of talent.
MCN's Starship Models Page: Here are some Star Trek style starship models I built using parts from kits, office supplies, and my imagination. Lemme know what you think. Click on the thumbnail images to go to the individual pages, which contain specifications, descriptions, and additional images.
Model Zone: Portfolio of Professional Model Maker Joe Dunaway
Monster Jones: Welcome to MONSTERJONES!! A photo gallery of monster models by Bill A. Jones of Austin, Texas. These monster sculptures are truly works of art and to collectors....just as valuable. <>
Murilo Moreira Jr Miniaturas Militares:
Website devoted to the hobby of military figures painting. On this pages you will find a large (50+) photo gallery containing images of the figures I have built and painted, covering a diverse range of periods and subjects.
My Miniatures: My Miniatures - The Online Source for Miniature Enthusiasts
Oldtoys: virtual museum of old toys
planetFigure: Discussion of things figure-related and sculpture
Plasticrush: This fascinating website has listings and photos of 1/72 scale figure sets of the past and present!
Sagalord's Toy Soldiers: This webpage is designed for collectors who are looking for information on the hobby of Toy Soldiers. I started this page because I could not find what I was looking for outside the web.
Hauke Scheer´s Doomworld: The site shows original science fiction and fantasy characters sculpted by Hauke Scheer German-language website/blog about scratch built science fiction vehicles, spaceships and other sci-fi stuff, that are known from cinema or TV.
Sergeant Major Moto's Miniatures: Mostly large scale (120mm & larger) military figures by Dean Motoyama.
Small Soldiers: This site is about 1/72 scale figures. Here you can find reviews of different kits. In "Conversions" section I share my own experience of making new and more interesting figures from those already produced. The site is bilingual (Russian/English).
Square Models: SQUARE MODELS brings you a variety of pictures and discussions on building popular Sci-Fi Models. This site covers a variety of model topics I have constructed or am working on.
Spacedock 2001: References for Starship Modelers
Spaceships - My Passion: My passion in life is scratchbuiding spaceship models
Starship Builder's Guide: Welcome to the Starship Builder's Guide! Here you'll find a behind-the-scenes look at the design and construction of Hollywood science-fiction studio miniatures as well as how-to information on designing and building your own replicas of these fantastic models.
Starship Dimensions: This site is intended to allow science fiction fans to get an impression of the true scale of their favorite science fiction spacecraft by being able to compare ships across genres, as well as being able to compare them with contemporary objects with which they are probably familiar.
Starship Schematic Database: Welcome to the Starship Schematics page. It's dedicated to the sole purpose of archiving every single starship design ever conceived in the Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, and Space Battleship Yamato (A.K.A. Star Blazers) Universes, both official and unofficial, interesting and mediocre.
Star Wars Model Shop with Lasse Henning: Large and many scratchbuilds from the Star Wars movies. Detailed descriptions on how they were made and several articles on modeling techniques. Welcome, one and all, to the home of the Star Wars Model Kit Gallery!! Here you will find a wealth of resources about model kits related to the Star Wars universe.
The Tholian Web: The Website for The Tholian Web. A personal Site for Scale Modeling and Sci-Fi/Fantasy.
3Demonic: Resin Kits. Berserker, Executioner, Red Sonja, Witch King, Death Dealer, and more.
[TMP] The Miniatures Page: What it says. From 40k to Full Thrust and Babylon 5 Wars, with all the fantasy and military games of every description in between, every miniature and/or miniature related game ever produced is cataloged, linked, cross-reffed, etc. A huge and very complete site. They have every availible manufacturer's link, too. It would be a crime not to at least look at this site...
Toy Soldiers - An On Line Gallery: This webpage is designed for collectors who are looking for information on the hobby of Toy Soldiers. I started this page because I could not find what I was looking for outside the web.
Mike Trice's Star Trek Page: has over 100 reference photos of the 11 ft.enterprise at the smithsonian.great closeups for those who want to weather their model.
2PaintMiniatures: Painting miniatures-Beginners guide on how to make your miniature figures look great.
The 2500 Page: Your guide to modeling starships in 1:2500 scale!
World War 2 Germans in 1:72 Scale: The website aims providing a most comprehensive data base of 1/72 WWII Germans for modellers, collectors, and wargamers in an innovative approach and to represent a reliable source of inspiration for all hobbyists. It features thousands of 1/72 toy soldiers comprised by over 400 figure sets and vehicle kits with figures, released both by mass production and cottage industry in plastic, resin, white metal and zinn. More than 150 "Extended" reviews also include painted and eventual converted figures on the standard poses of those sets. Likewise, except the standard data provided by the reviews, this website make available information on 1/72 WWII Germans such as colour chart, painting and conversion guides, other information that might interest the hobyists. This site is dedicated to the hobby and art of miniaturepainting. On this pages you will find several galleries containing images of the miniatures and modelkits I have built and painted. There are gaming miniatures made of pewter or plastic, as well as their larger cousins, the garage kits, made of vinyl or resin.
Zone of Hobbies: Massimo's (Milan,Italy) site with pics of starships hand made by his father, with some materials.
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