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Ahtung - Dish!!!: Dmitriy Shumakov's AFV modeling site : The Internet Site for Military Modelers: An interactive site for scale military modelers. Features news, tips, reviews, forums, photos, and more.
Armourpro: A site dedicated to 1/35th scale German Armour, Artillery, Military Vechicles,and dioramas.
Badmoon Depot Military Miniatures: Come and see Badmoon's collection of scale miniature military models, mostly 1/72 scale as well as links to other similar sites.
Bradley's Five Star Miniatures: An extensive collection of 1/35 scale German WWII military vehicle and ordinance miniatures.
Brown Water Enterprises: Welcome to Brown Water Enterprises! Dedicated to bringing you the finest on-line reference library for collecting militaria, riverine modeling, and full scale military vehicle restorations. Inside you will find detailed information useful to the collector, historian, and military modeler covering subjects from World War II and the Vietnam War.
Angus Creighton's Modelling Archive: Presenting the models of Angus Creighton.
Delbert's Scale Model Building Stash of Stuff: A small website to show photos of the model's i've built to date
Diomichis fine Dioramas 1/72: Fine Diorama Page in 1/72 from Michel van den Berghe with a big Phot Gallery
Dioramania: Welcome to “Dioramania”. This webpage is dedicated to all diorama lovers out there. So feel free to browse around and drop me a note as to how you feel about our works. While we're enthusiastic about our hobby we also pride ourselves on being a very laid-back and easygoing group.
Feine Modelle und Originale: Feine Modelle und Originale aus den Bereichen Militär, Feuerwehr und Baufahrzeuge. Vornehmlich in H0
Gun Truck: Personal website showcasing military vehicle miniatures and information for the hobbyist
Henk of Holland: HenkofHolland, military mastermodelling in the small scale.
Hinoki's Model Workshop: Features video of motorized 1:35 miltary models - too cool!!!
HyperScale: Brett Green's on-line magazine for Scale Modellers
Mig Jimenez Blogspot: Excellent modeling blog by one of the world's most talented armor modelers
Kakos Hobby: Featuring the models of Kyriakos Chatzipares from Greece - Mostly, but not all, Military models.
Kettenkrad 1/35 and militaria trophy: Two parts in my personnal web site in french and in english : First part, military kits : Kettenkrad 1/35 Dragon, Sd.Kfz. 251/22 1/144 Modelkasten... Second part, military relics : display of Jagdpanzer IV (tracks, roadwheel...) and german half-track Sd.Kfz. 251 Sd.Kfz. 250 (jack, Notek headlight...)
KitTankWebMagazine: KitTankWebMagazine: the first french magazine about military models on the web ... with the french touch!
Kunihito Homepage: Kunihito armor modeling page
Large Scale Tank Modeling: This page features large scale tank modeling from Poland.
LCD Interessengemeinschaft: We only do modelling in 1:35 scale millitary Figures Diorama Vignettes and Vehicles.We do our best !!
Losqualo's Homepage: On this page I present my models of German vehicles of World War II, mostly in 1/35, but some also in 1/15 or 1/16.
MC models: Photos of an Italian modelers models & dioramas from Vietnam War,Gulf War & Second World War.
Mezzi Militari modellismo: This website is for all military modellers and lovers of military history.
Military Scale Modelling: Military Scale Modelling! is a young site that provides a lot of info about my built scale models. And is the place for examples of certain vehicles.
Military Diecast: This is an online illustrated interactive catalog with fully enabled search based on the database containing model descriptions as well as manufacturers that are known to produce Military Diecast.
Military Dioramas: Military Diorama, War History, Armor
Mil-Mod: Wim Vinks excellent U.S. military modeling page.
Mini Armour: This blog is to be a reflection of experiences and ideas primarily from the world of modeling, but you will also find here information on military and history that I find interesting and relevant for the modelling enthusiast. My hope is that you will find something interesting, helpful and inspiring on these pages.
Miniature Art: dedicated to an R/C 1/24 scale Tokyo Marui M1A2 Abrams that I converted, detailed and repainted.
MiniatureZone: MiniatureZone - Military Miniatures Webpages for Smallscale 1/72, 1/76 and 1/87 enthusiasts
Miniatures 1/35: Progress on building and painting World War 2 related military miniatures in 1/35th scale. Combining my interest in modelling and photography.
Miniatures by Garcia: Sam Garcia's site. Top class models and very inspiring subjects, take a look!
Missing Links:  The goal at Missing Lynx is to provide AFV model builders and historians with an opportunity to exchange information in an open, friendly and easy to use environment. We welcome constructive input from all our readers. Enjoy your visit.
The Modelers Haven: A site chock full of tips, tricks and kit reviews of 1/35th and quarter scale kits. Also some reviews on figures.
Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale: The M4 Sherman tank was the most important tank in the US inventory during World War II ... Given the importance of this vehicle, one would think that it would be one of the most popular subjects for model builders, but that is far from being true.
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII: Tim Streeter's site focusing on Allied WWII models
ModelKLUB: Military modelling site make by modellers from modellers. On the site you can found many articles about panzer modelling . Wiadomości z rynku modelarskiego, recenzje zestawów plastikowych, relacje z budowy modeli, techniki modelarskie, porady warsztatowe oraz galerie obiektów, pirotechnika, techniki motoryzacyjne II WŚ, klub, internetowy, modelarski, internetowy klub modelarski promote the hobby at modelshows and with our own magazine
Modellismo ...... la mia passione: Italian personal web site of aircraft and armor modelling.
Model35: A french page with 1/35 scale armor.
Modern Armor:  Hopefully, through this website, we can help one another enjoy our particular niche in the hobby and perhaps band together to let the manufacturers know what we want and would be willing to spend our money on. MODERN ARMOR.
Mortars in Miniature: A scale model collection of the "Infantryman's Artillery".
1:10 metall tanks in museum quality: 1:10 metall tanks in museum quality deutsch / english funktionsmodellbau tiger 1/10 high detail
1/35er Militaermodellbauseite: Scale 1/35 Vehicles Models of the german armies, Reichswehr, Wehrmacht, NVA, Bundeswehr and Bundeswehr beyond 1989
One35th Modeling: General information of 1/35 sclae armor modeling with extra info on virtual Tiger I,Molch Submarine,K5 Eisenbahngeschutz,ATTC,Bionix IFV, CET and many more.. Website where a 1/16th scale Tamiya Tiger I is being built with a full scratch built interior based mainly on information provided by David Byrden's website
1/76 & 1/72 Scale AFV Museum: The purpose of this website is to support interest in 1/7X scale (1/72 to 1/76) AFV (armored fighting vehicle) modeling. I hope to show the visitor many of the wide range of available subjects, and to list possibilities for obtaining kits.
1/76 AFV Workshop: This site is dedicated to 1/72-76 Military Modelling. On the next pages you will find pictures of some unusual models built in this scale by various modellers. Other pages are dedicated to advanced modelling techniques.
120 mm: Resin tanks models in 1:15 scale.
Panzermodelling: WEB PAGE dedicated to AFV Modelling, Figures, Vignettes and Dioramas. Web dedicada al Modelismo de Vehículos Militares, Figuras, Viñetas y Dioramas.
PanzerModels: Chris Mrosko's site for the serious modeler.Pictures of models and real
Patton Mania: This site is dedicated to the Patton series of tanks, named after General George S. Patton.
Perth Military Modelling Site: Perth Military Modelling Site (PMMS) resides in Perth, Western Australia.
The site is bought to you to share ideas, techniques and hopefully provide up to date product information and in depth kit reviews as a service to all modellers."
PIBWL Military Site: Private Land Army Research Institute is a non-profit non-government private educational enterprise. Our goal is to popularize history and military technics. Also we are trying to popularize little-known weapons, especially Polish, and especially wheeled or tracked ones.
Proton Modeling life page: Here is a page on scale modeling, especially on armor modeling. Text in this site are mainly described in japanese encoding
Rangefinder: Frank De Sisto's reviews of all thing armor modelling related - Part of the Defense House Publishing web site
Redleg-2-Scale: This is the home page for REDLEG-2-SCALE, a scale model collection of U.S. Artillery and armored fighting vehicles REDLEG-2-SCALE is the personal modeling site of Michael Del Vecchio. A retired US Army artillery officer with a passion for history, art and the military
Roberts Armory: A traveling World War II museum displaying miliary vehicles and artillery of World War II.
RTV / Modelismo Militar: This is an site in Spanish but, all worldwide military modelers (armor, aircraft, ships and all related about military) are welcome!!
Scalepaint Dioramas: Harrie Van Dijk's armor figures and dioramas
Sentinel: A site dedicated to the research and modelling of Australian and Israeli military vehicles
Peter Shaw's 1/6th Scale Dora Build: No Typo - 1:6 scale
Small Scale AFV Pages: The first Czech small scale armour modelling web site intented on 1/76 and 1/72 scale models of guns and vehicles.
Small Scale Scene: Small Scale Scene: Hosted by Robin Buckland, contributor to Military Modelling Magazine.
Spruemainia: Pagina personal de modelismo plastico de automobiles en Medellin Colombia, fotos de mis modelos, basicos para empezar a armar.
Tank Factory: 1:35,1:15,1:16,AFV modeling page and illustrated AFV catalog 1915-2005
Tank Guys: In my site, I introduce a model work of AFV and the production situation and a photograph document of the real thing of the Japanese AFV.
Tanktraxx - the radio controlled tank reference: Topic are radio controlled tank models based on kits and scratch build in 1/15 and 1/16 scale.
Track-Link: A Resource Site For Armour Modelling - One of the Best on the Net!! Maintained by Paul A. Owen.
Trackpads: A new site full of all the best info on detailing and how to's found on the web,with links and info from around the world.
Erik Trauner's Diorama Dreamland 1/72: welcome to the site for the 1/72 diorama enthusiasts and wishes you a wonderful time browsing through small miniature worlds.
US Armor Models in 1/16 scale from 1917 to 1945: My site specializes in the US armor from 1917 to 1945 in the large 1/16 scale. With a lot of other goodies. Don't miss it and make sure to have a look now!
War Wheels: A resource for modelers and enthusiasts of armored cars and wheeled fighting vehicles from all eras.
A world of military modelling: Jan-Willem de Boer's military modeling site
World of RC Tanks: A list of places to buy accessories and model tanks. A "how to" listings from other tankers and myself.
WW2 This site is dedicated primarily to my hobby of building miniature WWII military models. My main interest is in Soviet WW II armor and weathering/finishing techniques.
Zimmerit Modellismo Militare: Military Scale models. WWII dioramas, models in 1/35 scale, reader submitted galleries and articles.  
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